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About Brian Kotoka

Brian has worked and studied along all parts of the performance continuum, from clinical courses to working with elite athletes. He has also experienced this same continuum first-hand, from rehabbing serious injuries to competing as a powerlifter.

Brian is a self-proclaimed education junkie and – year after year – invests hundreds of hours into honing his craft. His passion comes through on the training floor and in his enthusiasm for getting the most out of everyone he works with.

His career has evolved from personal training, membership services, management and consulting . After such a diverse range of experiences, he is now happy to call Thrive Fit home.

Brian understands what kind of training will bridge the gap between where people are and where they want to be. He also appreciates what it’s like to begin that process (and how nerve-wracking it can be for some). At Thrive Fit, Brian focuses his efforts into streamlining entry and removing any barriers to people reaching their true potential.