We help you discover strength you didn’t
know you had, and regain mobility
you haven’t seen since you were a kid.
– Brian Kotoka, founder
Brian Kotoka, founder

When I was a kid I wanted a PlayStation. There was no way my parents
could afford it, so I started a Krazy Bones business. I was 10.
First I practiced with rocks until I became really good. Then I borrowed $10
worth of bones from a friend to play. I lost them all, so I borrowed $10 more
and changed my game. After three weeks, I repaid my investment
and was the proud owner of a PlayStation.

That entrepreneurial spirit lives on in Thrive Fit, where his clinical training,
personal journey from rehab to competition and experience with elite athletes
drives his focus on removing any barriers to people meeting their full potential.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

I grew up shy and awkward. That’s changed.
Everyone has a superhero hidden deep inside.
– Francis Nitsch, mentor
Francis Nitsch, mentor

Fitness was my way of learning strength and confidence. My goal now
is to empower people to find their own strength, confidence and self-worth.

People think fitness is simply about changing your body, but the truth is, it’s
about changing your mind. To me, the most rewarding thing is watching that
mindset shift happen in our thrive family. Because once it does, they realize
they can acheive anything. My dream is to build this community where strength
– all kinds – is valued. Where confidence is bolstered.
Where people have fun and become who they truly want to be.

Thrive is that community dream come true.

We’re changing our mindsets, and our lives.
– The thrive community