Why fitness resolutions are so much confetti

January 23, 2019 2:44 pm
New Year Resolutions

So many people start out the year with New Year Resolutions resolving to be a ‘new me’ – a not so new idea that’s driven (and monotonously tagged) by just about every gym, personal fitness, and diet company out there. And while it seems to work well for the businesses seeking your hard-earned money, it’s usually far less effective for the hopefuls that join.

Why be a ‘new me’ when you can be a ‘better me’?

Only a fraction of those that make new year resolutions to sign up for gym memberships or diet plans stick with them. There are many reasons why, but the real question should be: “Why would I want to be a ‘new me’, when I can be a ‘better me’. Pressure off.

And why would you want to be a ‘new me’ anyway? You have lots of redeeming qualities and beautiful things about you, and need to love yourself at least a little.

A ‘new me’ is a hefty and unrealistic goal doomed to shred like so much confetti.

What we really want is change.

A leg up on all the changes to our bodies accumulated a bit at a time over months or years. Babies, bad eating habits, desk jobs, inactivity, Netflix, time poverty, sleep poverty, travel, holidays, insult and injury have taken their toll and had an equally negative effect on our confidence and mental health. We grit our teeth, steady our resolve and jump in head first, only to find that reality comes raining down on us. We lose faith, confidence, and money – a cycle oft repeated, and the mantra of fitness marketing.

Long-term change.

A better model is a ‘better me’ – incremental, sustainable…do-able. It’s nurturing, encouraging, supportive, and flexible. Small steps are noticeable, habit-forming, and lead to long-term change.

I want it all, and I want it NOW!

Your best exercise is patience. You can’t run a marathon before you walk to the corner.

Well, you can try, but

a) you won’t make it,

b) you’re sure to injure yourself, and

c) you’ll be down on yourself for not succeeding.

Start by doing just one thing differently: one more glass of water, a smaller portion, stretching when you get up, turning the screen off an hour before going to bed, and finding a fitness or personal training facility that shares that philosophy.

Find the right fit – fitness is not one-size fits all

Resolving to become fitter and healthier are smart and seemingly easy goals to achieve, and finding a place to help you do that only makes sense. Just ensure it’s the right fit. Most people want to thrive, but are intimidated by the misconception that personal trainers are just for super-fit athletes, or all the same. They join a gym that offers personal training but find themselves working out solo without a constant eye on safe, effective technique. Or they join feeing they’ll meet people and build their social circle as well. The results are not worth the paper you signed up on.

Over years of experience we’ve learned a few things, believe in them, and see the results every day (and for years after).

  • That every person is not only different, but different on different days and at different times of day – a fully customized workout and nutrition plan is essential.
  • That it takes a community. Working out independently with two or three others makes for fun, friendships, and serious results.
  • That our bodies plateau. Repeating the same exercises is not only boring, but ineffective.
  • That small indulgences are necessary. Denial and over-rigidity are more likely to derail your progress than small indulgences.
  • That the goal is long-term change and independence. There’s always room for you, and you’re always welcome back, but we want you to get go, go, going strong.

So forget New Year, New Me resolutions – because no one really wants to be perfect. Just better all the time.

Want fitness resolutions that stick? We invite your feedback.

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